Proud people bring sorrow upon themselves

Monday, October 15, 2007

Tu ne me manque pas?

The word missing has plenty of meanings. I miss you is a common utterance when one was away. I missed the land, le pays, as the french said, so much that I could not part with it, yet I left it anyway. Where was my loyalty, the fact that I loved my pays so much that I had to get away from it. The love was too much, it overwhelmed me, inundated me with cloying sweetness and sickness alike. The mixture of emotions was too strong and overpowering. So I had to leave to get away from such heaviness for a breath of fresh air. I wanted something ethereal and casual. A light salad and a perrier, s'il vous plait monsieur, I enjoyed my repas, paid my l'addition and off I went but not forgetting to say au revoir to the sully waiter.


kittykat honey said...

Being naive and gullible, I did believe my friends missed me when I was away. Now I do not think so. They went on with their busy little lives thinking that I enjoyed the new sights, smell and experience. The truth was every single day, my life passed in front of me and I stood standstill yearning for some indication that they missed me too. They had forgotten me.

salma said... eat to much about that dont say to yourself naive....dont even say that word is cruel....this is the 1st time that i comment to you...anyway look at papa's blog papa put a video at his blog....about feeding the birds and........
bye momoe....